Custom Orders Info

Can’t find an item in the right size or is something out of stock?

Email or call and we can arrange (where available) to order it for you.


Availability of stock from suppliers is solely based on whether suppliers have the item readily available to ship to our store. Additionally, the item or product may only be available in a specific size range, colour, or style, and we are unable to order outside of this range.

If we are able to order the size/colour/style you require, happy days! If not, allow us to help you find something similar or perhaps something completely different! 

Below is a copy of our stores policy regarding a custom order. Please read carefully as our policy has changed.


We will ask for your name and contact number or email, the product you wish to have ordered, and when you roughly need the product by. Please note, we are unable to change order delivery times outside of standard and express shipping. If the item is ordered prior to or after a certain time, this will affect when the product will be shipped from the post office via a courier service. We are unable to decide on a particular courier service as this is solely up to AusPost or suppliers. We will do our very best to have the order available for collection within a week, however weekends, public holidays, and busy times of year can cause delays.


Whether the custom order is requested in-store, via email, or over the phone, we will require a shipping payment. As each supplier has different standard and express postage costs, prices will vary. The postage payment is securely placed via our domain (Shopify) and your details will not be saved during this process. You will receive a digital or paper copy of the receipt depending on how you make your payment. Please let the customer service member know if you have any questions regarding payment. This payment does not subtract from the order total, it is solely for shipping costs. The product itself will require payment upon pick-up from the store. 

Shipping from store for customers out of the area

If the customer wishes to have the product ordered, and they do not wish to collect in-store/are unable to collect/rather have it posted to their home/seperate address, please inform us during the postage payment process so we can accurately calculate costs. Some suppliers are happy to send the product directly to the customer. In this case, we will require a total payment of shipping AND product cost at the time of order.