Cottonwood Tales Baby Record Book


Record the memories and milestones of your baby’s first year of life in this beautiful book featuring gender-neutral watercolour illustrations inspired by nature. The book also includes helpful prompts, a keepsake pocket and a simplified layout for ease of use.


Hard Cover finished with leaf-print varnish.
Thick internal pages for writing on. 
Acid-free 200gsm matt art paper.
Pocket/Cello bag for "Baby's first hair cut".
Keepsake pocket for special notes and cards.
Prompts for stories, milestones, facts and reflections. 
Watercolour inspired illustrations. 
Cotton storage bag included. 
Colour theme: Grey and greens
Book Mark

Care Instructions:

We recommend using a ballpoint pen for writing as other pens like felt tip and gel inks may smudge. Keeping the book in the provided cotton bag will also protect the book while storing it over the years.